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Cassi Mothwin

Tabletop Roleplaying Games & More

Tangled Blessings

A 1-2 player tabletop RPG. Out now!

Learn spells, practice rituals, make deals with the dead, uncover mysteries, and more while at Brackroot Academy – a magical school for adults drowning in horrors.

Tangled Blessings: Funded in one hour. A tarot magic academy horror tabletop roleplaying game

The Sticker Game

A solo journaling audio drama experience OUT NOW!

Latest Posts

what crooked roots cover FINALFINAL

What Crooked Roots: A 5e Supplement

Add a dash of folk horror to your D&D game. 

Mostly Focusing on western tropes and anxieties, What Crooked Roots flips some expectations and reinvents others for a fresh but familiar series of scary scenarios. With a haunting range of encounters that vary in length and difficulty, you’re sure to find something that lingers with your party well beyond their travels. 

About Me

I’m Cassi Mothwin! I’m an award-winning indie tabletop RPG designer, illustrator and actual play streamer. My first work, What Crooked Roots, is a best-seller on DriveThruRPG and explores folk horror encounters in 5e. My second work, Clean Spirit, is a GM-less token-driven game that asks players to explore the space they live in and how that translates in their relationships. My third game, The Sticker Game, let’s you save the universe with your stickers.

My YouTube channel is an edited archive of my streams, including indie tabletop RPG flip throughs.

Maybe you’d like to work with me? I’m open to single-session streams and interviews. I’m currently not taking artwork commissions.

You’re welcome to reach out!


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