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The time has come for your unused stickers to tell a story…

The Sticker Game is a single-player experience that’s part journaling and part audio drama.

A physical copy of The Sticker Game: An interactive audio drama journaling experience surrounded by an array of stickers on an orange fabric background.
Featured in Dicebreaker


Participants needed for alternate reality experiment

This is not a joke. Work from home. No experience required. Simply follow verbal instructions. Must provide your own stickers. A LOT of stickers.

Check out the trailer for a preview of the audio drama that awaits you!

Stickers hold the key to influencing other realities…

And you’re in control.
What could possibly go wrong?

The Sticker Game: winner for Best family podcast and nominated for best comedy podcast at Minnesota webfest

The Agency needs your help

A “universal research project” is seeking volunteers.

Participants will need to be bold, creative, and willing to make tough choices. Through the use of audio tracks and proprietary tech, your Guide will help you unlock the strange biochemical properties stickers contain to manipulate the electro-matter radon field between universes.

Absurdist but meaningful

Inspired by The Stanley Parable and Portal 2, The Sticker Game is an absurdist solo journaling game filled with puns and heart. While the game seeks to help players finally put a fun use to their sticker collection, the game also tackles concepts like loss, regret, and acceptance.

How to play The Sticker Game

The Sticker Game is a prompt-driven game split among 41 audio tracks that last around one-to-two minutes each. The whole game is estimated to last less than two hours.*

While traditional solo journaling games ask players to write about their characters’ experiences, players use stickers they have at their disposal instead. When the game is over, players will be left with a journal that chronicles their adventure in another universe.

The Sticker Game was created for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have any stickers?

The Sticker Game can actually be played without stickers. It does rely on your imagination more, but you’ll still get an introspective and meaningful experience. Without stickers, you’ll just write, draw, and imagine what sticker you might use if you had some.

Is this a video game?

No, though we understand the confusion. The Sticker Game is played by listening to audio tracks we created and responding to them in your journal, usually with stickers. But you don’t have to have stickers. One person made a journal using gifs!

How long does this game take?

The Sticker Game can be finished in under two hours, and it’s designed so you can finish it in one sitting.

How many stickers do I need?

You technically don’t need any. But if you want to feel fully immersed in the universe, you should have more than 20 for sure. And you shouldn’t go to the store and buy extras. We see you.

What kind of stickers do I need?

Any stickers work for The Sticker Game. You can use stickers you’ve received from brands, bumper stickers, political stickers, or labels you’ve ripped off bottles (if they can still stick to something). As long as it’s sticky, it’ll work.

Can I play with other people?

The Sticker Game is designed to be played alone; however, there are ways you can enjoy it with a group or other players. Since it’s an audio game, you can pool all your stickers into a large pile and play the audio for everyone to hear. Or you can keep your pools separate and just share a table and a speaker.

We’re also including the transcript of the game. If one person wants to take on the role of the Guide and another person wants to take on the role of research participant, this is also an option. The Sticker Game will have tips on how to improv as the Guide so you can go beyond the script provided and write your own prompts.

Is this a tabletop RPG?

The Sticker Game involves some minor roleplaying, but it’s mostly a journaling game with a small win mechanic. You don’t need dice, tokens, or a traditional character sheet. As long as you can place stickers or have an idea to draw or write in response to a prompt, you’ll make it through.

Is this game for children?

This game was created with adults in mind. That said, there isn’t much adult content. We recommend players be 12 and up.