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The Sticker Game Wins (And Other News)!

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When we started working on The Sticker Game in August 2022, we weren’t ready for the amount of work we (mostly Cassi) signed up for. I have very little audio editing experience, and quickly realized that I would need to learn about music rights, producing, and vocal editing. (If you didn’t know, The Sticker Game is an interactive audio drama where you create a journal using your sticker collection.)

I ended up using the audio editing software Cakewalk by Bandlab to create The Sticker Game because it was free at the time, and it was not a cakewalk to figure out. But I’m obviously pleased as punch it worked out.

I was also writing the ding-dang game. Ultimately, It took four months and a death in the family to finish The Sticker Game. My wonderful husband (credited as Joshua Peters) put up with having me as his vocal director as he recorded and re-recorded tracks because I wanted the tone and cadence to be just right. Joshua is not a voice artist by trade, but he did used to cover news for the local NPR station in a small town, so he has some experience when it comes to microphone discipline.

All this to say, we are novices! And yet…!

Indie Groundbreaker Awards 
Winner Most Innovative
The Sticker Game
By Cassi Mothwin
Joshua Peters

The Sticker Game Won Most Innovative in the Indie Groundbreaker Awards!

The Indie Game Developer Network presented the Indie Groundbreaker Awards on July 29, 2023. This annual award was created to shine a spotlight on excellence in the indie game design community. The Most Innovative Award recognizes the most innovative and unique game design of the year as determined by a panel of judges.

The Sticker Game: A solo Game: 
Official Selection for MN Webfest and Baltimore Next Media Web Fest 2023

The Sticker Game is also an official selection for the 2023 Minnesota Webfest and the Baltimore Next Media Web Fest! Plus, we were thrilled to learn that it was nominated for Best Comedy Podcast!

The Sticker Game: Best Comedy Podcast MN Webfest 2023 Nominee

We are so thankful for the support surrounding The Sticker Game! We’re working on producing a limited-run collector’s edition that will come with a physical booklet, USB, and reversible cover. More news to come on that front.

In the meantime, check out the official page for The Sticker Game if you haven’t!